The Government of Hawaii wants Maui to become the first smart city Island. This widely spread rumor has circulated the internet via social media. The claim is that energy-directed weapons ignited the wildfires in Maui to destroy massive land mass. From this, the Globalists elites will be able to install an AI-controlled smart city grid making Maui the first Island of it’s kind.

Tim Toker Raylene, says there was a smart city conference in January 2023 to turn Maui into a Smart City Island, pushing everything electric. The end goal us for the entire Island to be ran by AI.



The demolished areas were prime real estate owned by locals or ordinary people. Somehow big box stores and mega mansions owned by the likes of Jeff Bezos, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates etc. were not touched by the so-called wildfires.

A local man named Russ says that he and his neighbors were fighting the wild fires all-day and they were winning the fight, until the water shut off. Yes, you read it right the water shut off!


AP News refutes the claims made by Raylene on Tik Tok. In a recent fact-checking article, AP called the social media posts far-right tropes, trying to connect the dots of the Maui wildfires and tie it into 15-minute cities.

The AP did not deny that the conferences referred to included talks of smart cities, they did however try to make smart cities seem less totalitarian.

“Smart cities” generally refer to communities that utilize new technologies to improve operations while “15-minute cities” is an urban design principle that emphasizes building more compact communities where everyday needs can be found within a 15-minute walk. They aren’t designed to restrict people’s movements or freedoms.” The Associated Press

Philip Bertolini, a senior vice president at e.Republic took issue with the claims that the wildfires were deliberately ignited

“We don’t know where all that came from,” he said in a phone interview Tuesday. “Our event is so much more. AI may be a topic there, but it’s all about getting the public sector together so they can engage, share best practices and also bring the private sector in to share and engage in best practices around government technology.” – Philip Bertolini, a senior vice president at e.Republic

Furthermore, the AP pretty much all but said these people are just far-right-wing nut cases who don’t understand the concept of upgrading and technological advancement.

Okay, so here’s what I think the social media posts may be off on a few things here and there. However, there is some truth in what they are saying. But this is what the mainstream media does best; they key in on misspellings, misspeaking, and minor mistakes such as misquotes or giving the wrong dates in a timeline of events. That one mistake will provide room for a nice fact-checking article from the Associated Press.

The aim in the AP’s article was not really refute the claims of a coming smart city grid controlled by AI but it was to downplay the potential enslavement of humanity via the smart city concept. The globalists always presents their goals as the best option. But they never show the flip side. Usually, the flip side is the globalists gain more control.

As always, every conspiracy theory is debunked until it becomes fact.

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