The most upfront, honest globalist minion in the world today, just maybe Klaus Schwab. He is famous for telling the world that we own nothing and we will love it. Now Schwab is openly admitted to that there will be an attempt by he and his minions to brainwash children. Not only are they attacking the minds of children but they are planning to re-teach their teachers.

“our education initiative… we have Cisco… and practically all the big names… we will revolutionize education…we will retrain the teachers… we will put a new curriculum in place”
… so that we can indoctrinate the children with our ideology at an early… – Klaus Schwab


In the past, detesters have claimed that child indoctrination by global elites was nothing more than a conspiracy theory. However, the man that created the biggest globalist forum there is, the “World Economic Forum,” is saying he is doing just that. Globalist-ran mainstream media has brainwashed children’s minds with propaganda, including climate change which teaches them that human beings are bad for the environment. The main principle of brainwashing is teaching them to obey their masters and ostracize anyone who does not comply with the new world order.

If this is not confronted head-on and exposed to the masses, today’s children will grow up with the same ideology as the fringe leftist that hates humanity.

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