NBA legend John Stockton is driving leftist media crazy after he claimed he knew of 150 athletes who died from the Covid-19 vaccine. 

“I think it’s highly recorded now; there’s 150, I believe now, it’s over 100 professional athletes dead,” Stockton said During an interview with Washington’s Spokesman-Review.

“Professional athletes, the prime of their life, dropping dead vaccinated, right on the pitch, right on the field, right on the court,” Stockton said.

For two-years alternative media platforms such as Rumble and Bitchute, having shared videos of athletes passing out on the field. Some of these athletes died suddenly soon after taking the mandated vaccines. It has been speculated that covid vaccines causes severe damage to the heart.

“I went back and looked again; I have names, pictures, faces, where they played,” Stockton continued. “I had over 300 at the time, so I felt pretty secure with my little 150, and again people had to come out and argue that”

You can watch Stocktons interview with Michele Tafolya

To answer the question, is John Stockton crazy? The answer is no. The reason so many people may believe he is crazy is simply due to media censorship of the information being discussed at hand. There are plenty of examples of perfectly healthy athletes dying on and off the field. Here is a video compilation of just some of these athletes.

Stockton’s words have stirred up an uncomfortable conversation for many who have believed the lie that covid vaccines are both safe and effective.


In February of 2022, Wisconsin Sen.Ron Johnson claimed that athletes were dying while performing.

Sen. Ron Johnson: “All these athletes are dropping dead on the field” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

Of course, Sen Johnson was fact-checked by the so-called authorities on the information. The powers that be would have you believe that by simply stating that his information is false, that automatically makes it false. But Sen. Johnson has done extensive research on Covid vaccine reactions, injuries and deaths.

“We’ve heard story after story. All these athletes dropping dead on the field,” he said during a conversation on the radio show about adverse effects of the vaccine. “But we’re supposed to ignore that. Nothing happening here, nothing to see. This is a travesty, this is a scandal.”

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