I’m sure you have heard that controversial influencers Andrew Tate has been arrested. The MSM is talking about it; social media is talking about it, which is enough to make me suspicious that this could be a psyop. Even if it’s just a minor distraction, it’s a distraction nonetheless.

Who knows, maybe it’s not a psyop. That is up for debate. However, I find it weird that this guy blew up overnight, becoming an instant celebrity. Tate somehow became the voice of Alpha males (which are under attack, by the way). But I remember that globalist elites always control the left and the right, the good guys and the bad guys. And as Albert Pike once said, they pick our heroes for us.

“Whenever the people need a hero we shall supply him.” – Albert Pike 33 Degree Mason

So all of this big boo-hah-hah over Tate is probably just another created story to make men that challenge the machine (the ruling class) appear to be crazies. Also, I find it interesting that Tate was allegedly involved in Human Trafficking. As anyone that follows right-wing alternative media knows, human trafficking has been at the forefront of conversation since 2016.

To be clear, I am not saying Andrew Tate is guilty; I have no idea what this man does in his private life. But wouldn’t this be another blow to those trying to expose human trafficking? Of course, and that’s the point of this potential psyop. It’s another way for the deep state to embarrass truth-tellers. All of the normies on the left will point at Tate and say see, you right-wingers are the actual traffickers. And I’m sure the MSM will mention Qanon and make fun of some derp that made some ridiculous claim over the past couple of years, and there you have it; the deep state makes the normies think the truth is just conspiracy theorists that are involved in trafficking.


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