Many investigative journalists have exposed Bill Gates over the years. But this is a special report. Obianju Ekeocha on Youtube details how Bill and Melinda Gates came to Africa with a depopulation agenda. Ekeocha highlights that Melinda Gates brought Pfizers Depo-Provera contriceptive, which is reportedly linked to HIV.


According to the NY Daily News “Women who get the Depo-Provera birth control shot may be more likely to get HIV than women who use other contraceptives — or even none at all — according to a new study.”

A 2015 study showed that women using Depo had a 40% higher risk of acquiring HIV.


Bill Gates has a long, lengthy history of targeting Africans with his depopulation agenda. At the same time, most of the world ignored what he was doing on the continent of Africa. All of that changed, however, when Western civilization realized that Gates was looking to reduce their birth rate and long life expectancy as well. As you can see, Gates has become the super villain in the eyes of many people who are informed and well aware of his practices. It’s sad to say that he was successful with his experiments on the poor African countries who were unable (at the time) to have their voices heard.

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