It seems to be a weird trend with Donald Trump. He is always linked to 666, tracking and tracing, and microchips. Don’t know what I mean; here is an example.

Yes, the video above shows Donald Trump promising to deliver a biometric entry-exit tracking system. Of course, there is context to what he said, and I know he was talking about illegal immigrants crossing the border. However, according to Albert Pike, the powers that be are trained to select their heroes for them. It’s called controlled opposition. Who could have been a better candidate than Trump? He told you from the beginning that he intended to bring in a tracking system. The why is irrelevant. Most importantly, it is irrelevant to the powers that be, for they care not how they accomplish their goals just as long as they get there. Using the border crisis to implement this tracking system was another page in the globalist playbook. In 2020, the globalists shifted from that play and decided to run another play, the “pandemic.” With the help of the 2020 pandemic, tracking and tracing policies were put in place. Again one can make the argument that it was not Trump that pushed this idea, nor did he mandate the covid vaccines. But that is not the point of this blog. I am simply pointing out that Trump is always in the picture whenever there is something biblically sinister going on.

Do you want another example? Trumps son in law Jared Kushner just happened to purchase the Manhatten 666 building.

Again, I get it. It’s not directly related to Trump, but it is. And that’s the point. There is always something sinister, directly or indirectly, related to Trump, and it’s usually biblical. Even Trump’s former HUD secretary Dr. Ben Carson is suspect. He has promoted the implantable device under human skin.

Another strange coincidence. Trump endorsed celebrity Dr. Oz, who, just by his last name alone, should give vibes of occultic innuendo. But if that is not enough for you, how about this? Dr. Oz once promoted the RFID microchip on his TV show.

Trump always seems to be involved in something sinister, something biblical, and it always seems to come straight out of the book of Revelation. Before you get your blood pressure up, I would like to say it is just pure speculation. No one knows exactly what Trump is doing or what side he is on. All I am doing is pointing out the facts. It’s on you to come to your own conclusions.


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