Just in time for the big central bank digital currency rollout, we have this revelation of the  FTX scam. While the media is focusing on Sam Bankman-fried, please make no mistake; he is nothing more than a fall guy. He is the Lee Harvey Oswald of the crypto market.

The exposure of Bankman-Fried’s fraudulent practices is perfectly timed, and is the perfect excuse to implement stricter regulation on crypto and enforce the CBDC after the impending financial collapse. Knowing this will lead you to understand why lawmakers are already acting as if this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and that they have to work now to ensure that no one else is “scammed.” It was all a part of the plan from the beginning of cryptocurrency’s inception. The creators of crypto would build up the crypto market and then crash it. Afterward, lawmakers will implement a more centralized cryptocurrency system claiming that they are doing it for the “good of the people.” This is a classic problem, reaction, and solution. Or even better,” order out of chaos.”

Maxine Waters (D-CA), chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, was Johnny on the spot, ready to call for strict regulation on crypto currency.

“Now more than ever, it is clear that there are major consequences when cryptocurrency entities operate without robust federal oversight and protections for customers,” she stated



For years, globalists have touted the future one world government. So, of course, a one-world government would include a one-world monetary system. The end game of the so-called elites has always been to force the entire world into a cashless society. The cryptocurrency was the catalyst used to catapult a cashless society into existence. By making Bitcoin and Etherium a success among everyday folks, the globalist allowed ordinary people to become familiar with the digital market. That was the easing process. But that process was under the guise of a decentralized crypto market which is nothing more than an illusion.

Yes, crypto-currency may have had a nice run. A lot of people have made a lot of money. But the setup was always in motion. There was never a decentralized currency. The inception of Bitcoin was just a test run for the CBDC.


If everything you have read wasn’t enough for you, here’s a some more madness to add to try he craziness. Right-wing publications are implying that the Biden administration is directly connected to the FTX Ponzi scheme.

Oh, but it gets even better. It seems the FTX scam has been also connected to the World Economic Forum. It seems as though the WEF tried to delete there FTX partner website, but in the snapshot below it has been shared on Twitter.

Everyone is trying to wash there hands with FTX and throw Sam Bankman-Fried under the bus. And though the exposure of the Biden administration and the WEF is being made public, except nothing to come of it. No one is going to jail ther will be no investigations. Mainstream media will say anyone that associates the Democrats or the WEF with FTX’s scam is nothing more than a Qanon, Right-wing, Conspiracy theorist. And that will be enough for the normies to go back to sleep right after saying, there is nothing to see here.

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