Every conspiracy theorist has heard of blood-drinking cults at some point. Child trafficking, human trafficking, and adrenochrome have become subjects of interest. However, mainstream media dismisses it as an alt-right conspiracy theory with no validity. Child sacrifice has been a staple for of discussion among the so-called “conspiracy” community or what the media loves to deem as far-right extremists.

The idea of the child sacrifice rituals sounds bonkers to the average ‘normie” that has no insight into the history of occult rituals and how they have withstood the tests of time. This is not something new; it is not a made-up fairytale, and yes, these rituals have been passed on from generation to generation.

However, the Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court has exposed this one truth; the satanic temple uses abortions as a means to practice their satanic rituals. The Satanic Temple has publicly stated this. In October of this year, the Satanic Temple has filed lawsuits in both Idaho and Indiana, claiming that removing the right to abortion infringes on their right to ritual.

According to NEWSWEEK, attorney James Mac Naughton who represents female members of the temple stated that the restrictive laws also prevent members of The Satanic Temple from holding the “Satanic Abortion Ritual,” which is fundamental to their religious beliefs, the lawsuits argued. So what does this mean? We can now find a direct connection between the Satanic Temple’s ritual practices and abortion. This removes the right-wing extremist talking point that liberals love to suggest. There are no more talking points; there is no more covering the fact that aborting babies has always been a form of child sacrifice.



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Check out this vid about Heidi Klum admitting to drinking blood. It



Jim Caviezel’s film Sound Of Freedom, tells the story of Tim Ballard, a former operative, who quits his job as a Special Agent with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) to save children from cartels and human traffickers. It takes a look into child trafficking in Latin American countries, especially Mexico.

I must note that there is a bit of controversy involving the works of Tim Ballard and his Operation Under Ground (O.U.R). Furthermore, I do not intend to promote or discredit Ballard’s work. However, there is a video from the “Mormon Stories Podcast” that took a deep dive into Ballard’s organization and has raised concerns about his intentions. It is up to the individual to come to their own conclusion regarding this matter.

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