In 2018, the United Nations released an urgent report stating that we must cut CO2 emissions by half in 2030 to avoid what they consider to be an irreversible carbon crisis. What happened next was predictable. In 2019, a Swedish Fintech Doconomy created a mobile banking service called “Do.” With the DO card, you can monitor and track your carbon footprint. This appears to be the testing phase of what conspiracy theorists have said for decades, the climate change plan will lead to the enslavement of humanity with higher oligarchs placing restrictions on spending, movement, and food consumption, ultimately dictating every facet of your life.

The so-called eco-friendly banking system is being championed as a good thing among the climate change propagandists. When describing this banking system they often use words like innovative and ground breaking to push the idea into the minds of the masses that this is some sort of new idea. No, in fact the so-called elites have wargamed this strategy years in advance.

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Doconomy wants to inspire personal change in behavior, reduced consumption, and compensation with the digital banking service DO. The DO card will essentially track your footprint, with each purchase laying down the groundwork for what will later become a nightmare scenario. This can and will lead to your government not just monitoring your transactions but using carbon reduction as an excuse to limit your spending giving the government power to determine what you can spend your money on. And if you go over your carbon emissions limit, they will stop your ability to buy and sell.


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