In this episode of the Free Press ARC podcast, JaMorrow gives his opinion on the dangers of having a Central Bank Digital Currency and how it leads to more dictatorial powers for the global elites. As we have seen in many cases, such as the Canadian Freedom Rally, where truckers protested the vaccine mandates and other draconian measures imposed on Canadian citizens, governments and financial institutions will freeze the bank accounts of individuals that stand up to their insane policies.


A central bank digital currency will most likely be regulated and used as a weapon against the common people to make them submit to the ruling class that will keep them in a slave-like position of servitude. Ultimately the CBDC, can be used for Klaus Schwabs WEF agenda in which will help reach their goal of Agenda2030. “You will own nothing and you will love it.”

If the people of the US and the world do nothing to stop the CBDC from becoming a reality, they will lose whatever power they have left.

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