And just like that, the narrative changes concerning the Covid vaccine. POLITICO put out an article that is very eye-opening but not surprising to those who pay attention to the deep states propaganda machine, and understand how their machine works. House Democrats examining the pandemic says Trump officials sought vaccine approvals to sway voters before the 2020 election.

According to the report, the White House attempted to block the FDA from collecting additional safety data on Covid-19 vaccines in order to get them to the public before the 2020 presidential election. This is an attempt to blame Trump for the information that is being released about the covid vaccine.

Obviously, this is a lead-up to a big reveal of some sort. If I had to guess, I would say it’s probably new information to be revealed concerning the covid 19 vaccines, not only about its ineffectiveness but also about the dangers the vaccine injections that had once been buried from the general public. In January of 2022, a federal judge ordered Pfizer to release vaccine safety data over an eight-month period, scrapping what Pfizer hoped would be a 75-year timeline before Pfizer would have released the data.


Since the release of the data, thousands of pages at a time, new information has been made public, causing the narrative to change in a dramatic fashion. So it turns out the vaccines are not so safe and effective. After lying to the public for a whole year, the CDC, Mainstream media, and every institute involved are on the hook for all of the vaccine injured. So now the House Democrats are setting up the narrative that Trump is to blame for the covid vaccine as they anticipate a major uproar from the public, which may lead to protests and civil unrest.

Just look at the timing of Dr. Fauci’s retirement. After he initially stated he would retire in 2025, he has gone on record to say that he will, in fact, exit at the end of 2022. Coincidence? I think not. He knows something bad is coming.

I do not believe that their attempt to pass the buck will work, especially after a year and a half of demonizing vaccine-hesitant individuals and mandates. I don’t think the people will forget who tried to force them to take these unapproved shots.

Oh, and if you have forgotten about mainstream media’s role in advocating vaccine mandates, here’s just a little reminder.

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