So, remember when it was just a conspiracy theory that the microchips would be rolled out after the vaccine mandates were implemented? Yeah, I remember that too. Well, it looks like we are just a step closer to it no longer being just a conspiracy.

The DAILY MAIL Reports:

“Swedish startup Epicenter unveils rice-sized microchip implant that stores your COVID vaccine passport under your skin and is read with technology used to take contactless payments”

So if it isn’t apparent by now, it should be the Satanists, have taken over all of the world’s governments. Here is the irony, if you were to post this on social media, you would still be called a conspiracy theorist even though it is in mainstream news.

The satanic cults are getting desperate as the plot has lost control of the narrative. People are growing frustrated with government leaders, which means the globalists are desperate. This means they have to implement the next phase immediately! The microchip is on the way. If I had to make an educated guess, I would assume that sometime in 2022, or maybe even in early 2023, there will be a major false flag that will take place that is the excuse needed to implement martial law. Martial law will spark the new operation warp speed similar to what Trump rolled out in December of 2020. Except for this time, it will not be warp speed for vaccines. This operation warp speed will be the real mark of the beast.

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