Joe Biden is the worst President ever!

He is responsible for the crisis at the border, point-blank period! The same libtards blamed Trump for the so-called Capital insurrection; Biden should be blamed for this “ON-GOING” crisis at the border.

Biden literally told people to rush the border. Yet, the media remains silent. Even with criminals and gang activity putting the border patrol in danger, the Biden administration has ignored the crisis, even going as far as laughing and mocking people that questions administrations handling of the border crisis.

Child trafficking has become a severe problem in America and the border crises has only increased the number trafficking cases.

The Federalist reports: 172,000 migrants crossed the border in March and 5,700 unaccompanied minors were found in Border Patrol stations at the height of the surge in March.

The Washington Examiner published an article titled, “Human trafficking business is booming at the border, with cartels raking in over $14M a day in February: Report.”

According to the Examiner’s report, border customs estimated that traffickers profited approximately $411.5 million taking people from Mexico and Central America to the U.S with the sum average at $14.7 million for each day in February.


The silence by the mainstream media is infuriating, especially when these are the same liberal virtue signalers who supposedly cried and wept when they saw the conditions of the living arrangements for migrants back in 2017. Oh, where oh, where has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gone?

The most frustrating thing is human/child trafficking at the border is not a secret, and it has never been. Politicians on the left and the right continue to overlook this fact. Human trafficking has been in the news as an ongoing issue in America, mainly highlighted by Jeffrey Epstein. The Trump administration took steps to halt human/child trafficking, not just at the southern border but nationwide.

The Daily Signal published an article on May 10, 2021, in which Missouri AG Eric Schmitt cited the epic failure of the Biden administration to combat human trafficking.

“President Joe Biden’s border crisis is causing new human trafficking problems for our state and the nation.”


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